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First Aid for Police, Security, Firearms and Close Protection Officers By Chris Breen


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Chris Breen is a Paramedic and an Emergency Nurse Practitioner who served with the RAMC and is currently a Clinical Tutor with additional qualifications in Trauma and Remote Medicine. He has been involved in Police first aid training from basic to enhanced D13 levels and has acted as an expert
assessor for officers in training in the medical management of road traffic collisions.he is also involved in Joint Emergency Service interoperability (JESIP)  Tactical and Operational Training.


The aim of this work is to provide the officers with the knowledge and skills to deal with a variety of medical conditions and traumatic injuries beyond the scope of normal first aid which they may potentially encounter during their duties.


The book covers equipment, First aid supplies and initial first aid treatment. If the injury or illness would benefit from more advanced measures then these are detailed as well as any skills needed to carry them out. The British Medical association (BMA) have published guidance on the “Health care of detainees in Police stations”. A large proportion of detainees will be vulnerable for a number of reasons; this could be due to poverty, mental health issues or drug or alcohol dependence. These can lead to medical problem which can potentially affect them whilst detained. The Custody Officer is responsible for the care and treatment of detainees including the provision of food, drink, human contact, warmth, sleep, exercise, personal hygiene, clothing, protection from injury and medical treatment. Medical assessment and or treatment may need to be carried out on any detainees, those held due to immigration issues, those living on the streets, persons with mental health issues or those that are intoxicated through drink or drugs and that require a place of safety.

A custody officer may require additional support in the care of detainees from a Health Care Professional; this could be a Doctor, Nurse or Paramedic.