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How to Prepare for Emergency & Survival
Book 2 Survival Skills

By LSG Edited by Chris Breen

Paperback, 630 Pages


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The Ludlow Survivors discussion forum was formed in 2005. Some of the topics on the forum led to discussions about “what if” a large scale disaster should occur in modern society. it started in a small way and just got bigger and bigger. Its membership now extends around the globe. Forum topics are wide and varied. So much information has accumulated over the period that the forum has been running that the editor Chris Breen gathered all the information and this book was created giving information about what we feel would be useful following a breakdown in society or for people who wanted to be more Self Sufficent in everyday life. A special thanks to all who contributed articles to the book. Last but by no means least all the members of the forum, just for being there. This is the second volume of a series dealing with all aspects of Survival and Preparedness