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Expedition Medic (Weekend Course) £150


(We are now able to authorise the purchase of oral and topical prescription medication to students who successfully complete this course for use in Overseas Expeditions)


Role of the Expediton Medic

Primary survey,
Secondary survey,
recovery position
Careing for the Unconsciousness patient
CPR Theory and Practice

Use of bandages, dressings and slings
Recommended contents of a Expedition First Aid Kit
Oxygen administration
Basic airway adjuncts and suctioning
Using an AED
The role of POM Medication in Expedition First Aid

Inoculations and anti-malarial treatment

Environmental and Altutude Problems
Stings and Bites
Anaphylaxis & epi‐pen
Common Expedition Illnesses
Diagnostic Equipment and patient
monitoring including;
What's normal and what's not.
How to take a Blood Pressure
How to take a Blood Glucose reading
How to take a Oxygen
saturation reading

Eyes, Ear, Nose and Throat (EENT),
Diabetic emergency,
Respiratory Problem,
Cardiac problem,
Abdominal problem,
Suspected injury to the spine,
Head Injury,
Life threatening Bleeding,

(Some Theory Parts of the course will be completed onine before weekend)